SOLD What's New In Magic (Gibson) - USED BOOK
Walter Gibson - WHAT'S NEW IN MAGIC

SOLD What's New In Magic (Gibson) - USED BOOK


Not a reprint! This is the original edition!



Another magic classic by the prolific Walter Gibson!



This vintage book is HARD TO FIND at this price and in this condition.

All available copies we could locate on the Internet ranged from $11.82 up to $13.99!

"Walter Gibson, the renowned authority on magic presents: What's New in Magic!
Magic means mystery. Magic means fascination.
And although magic has existed as an art for thousands of years, there are still new ways to astound and excite the young, and novel twists to charm and amuse the not-so-young.
Walter Gibson, one of this country's foremost experts on magic, has gathered nearly 100 fascinating new and improved feats of magic in this intriguing book of bafflement.
What's New in Magic contains tricks and feats that may be used by any performer- professional or amateur.
And there are sections on:
Mental Magic: Tricks that may be presented as casual perplexities or may be built up into giant feasts of mentalism; this section ranges from thought control and predictions to telepathy and mind reading.
Card Sleights: Magical diversions, some brand-new, others popular stand-bys -- each one presented with a subtle new feature for a unique twist.
Magic With Skill: Feats of ordinary skill enhanced and boosted into the realm of the incredible by Mr. Gibson's development and use of devices -- gimmicks-- that some sleight-of-hand artists have ignored.
Here the magician can learn how to make a ball pass mysteriously thorough a handkerchief or how to make coins multiply with amazing rapidity and seemingly without end.
These are only three of the seven sections of new wonders and fun for the up-to-date magician who wants to continue to bewilder his audience with ingenious effects."


  • Mental Miracles
  • Card Sleights and Routines
  • Card Effects with Prepared Cards
  • Magic with Skill
  • Impromptu Tricks
  • Selected Secrets

Walter Gibson (1897-1985)
Walter Gibson had the unique talent of being both professional magician and professional writer.
He authored hundreds of books on magic effects and history,
He was an intimate colleague of all the great performers, including Blackstone, Houdini, and Thurston.
He has traveled with their shows and originated some of their most famous tricks and routines.
He also was the ghostwriter for these famous performers- if you see a book supposedly written by Houdini or Blackstone Sr., Walter Gibson was the real author!
And Walter Gibson was the author of the famous mystery series, The Shadow.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • What's New In Magic by Walter Gibson

This is a gently used book.

CONDITION: very good

AUTHOR: Walter Gibson
PUBLISHED: 1956 by Bell Publishing
Hardbound, no dust jacket. 222 pages.

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