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SOLD Encyclopedia of Magic (Dawes) - USED BOOK

SOLD Encyclopedia of Magic (Dawes) - USED BOOK


Colorful volume packed with photos from magic history!

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This out-of-print book is HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE.

All available copies we could locate on the Internet were priced higher than what we are offering this book for.

Essentially a photo-book which should sparkle your eyes, this book takes you on a whirwind tour of magic history.
Each page is packed with marvelous color photos of classic magic posters as well as photos of famous magicians in performance.
It is a combination history book paired with some magic effects you can do yourself.
There are photos galore which you will never have seen before of all sorts of performers.
In addition, there are “How-To” photos and routines which are clear and easy to follow.

As for the contents - here is Billy McComb's Genii Magazine review:
A colorful presentation of magic shows past and present!
“Magic Past” is the basic history of the Art.

“The Great Escape” naturally leans heavily on Houdini but brings in all sorts of escape artists.

“Disappearing Acts” and “Acts of Illusion” covers Asrah, Vanishing Cars, Elephants and some transpositions.
Here again are photos you never saw before, like “Van Buren” doing his motorcycle vanish and “Faust” (Granville Taylor) with the Amac “Find the Lady” set-up he bought from the Cecil Lyle estate. “Ravisoud ” the Swiss illusionist is depicted with his oddly-designed “Buzz Saw” and Emerson and Jayne get a full page with their flying carpet illusion.

“Mindreading and Levitations” is again seldom seen of people like Fogel and “The Great Masoni”, Gogia Pasha and Michel de la Vega are depicted in action.

“Card Mysteries” is mostly instructional, detailing the Short Card, the “EightKings” set-up and the Card Stab along with a short-card “Find the Lady” demonstration among other tricks.

“Magic for the Junior Magician” is exciting. It gives a full-page photo of Ali Bongo doing the “Ball Vase”.
The next page shows exactly how he does it and reveals the Exotic One to be actually William Oliver Wallace. Initials WOW!

“Master Magician” again shows little-seen photos. Rene Septembres, Tel Smit, Shimada, Dante producing a pig with Moi-Yo Miller and a double-page of Soo’s 1910 stage setting.

An incredible OUT OF PRINT volume of magic history for your enjoyment!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • The Encyclopedia of Magic by Edwin A. Dawes and Arthur Setterington

This is a gently used OUT OF PRINT book.

CONDITION: excellent

AUTHOR: Edwin A. Dawes and Arthur Setterington
PUBLISHED: 1986 by Gallery Books
Hardbound (it did not come with a dust jacket). 190 pages.

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