Book Of Shadows (Diamond) - USED BOOK

Book Of Shadows (Diamond) - USED BOOK


Bizarre Magic and Weird Routines!





This out-of-print book is HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE and VERY HARD TO FIND in brand-new condition.

All available copies we could locate on the Internet ranged from $153.99 to $154.50!
We recommend that you do a search for yourself to verify that our price is a real bargain.

Here is a peek at the table of contents:

  • Return of the Highgate Vampire - The performer spins a tale with remarkable results of vampire hunting, blood ritual and more. Fire, Blood and flying coffin pieces... who could ask for anything more!
  • Ignis fatuus - Tarot cards become the catalyst for a flashy finale!
  • The Resurrection of Ggustav Von Shreck - A ritual ends with the performer transformed perhaps into some kind of MONSTER!
  • The Ghost Trap - A Druid's Bottle and a friendly chat with a long trapped spirit!
  • Santa Sangre - Inspired by a film of the same title, this routine involves Santeria and an animate disembodied arm!
  • The Curse of the Monkey's Skull - An old ghost story comes to life as a couple wishes upon a Monkey's Skull, with startling results!
  • Hoodoo Voodoo - A Voodoo doll and two volunteers to become Witch Doctor and victim. But where to stick the pin... !
  • The Faces of Death - In a personal collection of mortuary pictures, the method of death HAPPENS in front of our eyes!
  • The Oracle - A Human skull brings a smoky message left within its display case!
  • The Philosopher's Stone - With the help of an age old alchemist, the performer succeeds in transforming a stone into Gold!
  • Jack's Back - Jack leaves a ghostly message for all to see in his bloody wake!
  • 13 After Midnight - Discussion of a séance and some brilliant subtleties!
  • The Telling Bone - A Deck of Tarot cards, a square of wood and a long ancestral bone take the spectator into a world of evil!
  • Visions Of Life And Death - A wonderful Living and Dead test, wherein a SPECTATOR becomes the medium!
  • Psycho-Chopper - Blood guts and a wrist chopper!

Please Note- as you can tell MANY of these effects involve one or more of the following:
Fire, glass, chemicals, flash substances, lighters, knives, and an assortment of sharp pokey ouchy hurty things.
For that reason we ask that NO ONE under the age of 18 purchase this book and/or use any of the items contained herein... AND if you even know the name of a lawyer or might hurt yourself and try to blame us.... skip it.
But seriously... we expect only adults with good judgment and experience to use these items and to do so safely, responsibly and in accordance with any local laws and regulations.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Book Of Shadows by Michael Diamond

This is a gently used OUT OF PRINT book.

CONDITION: excellent

AUTHOR: Michael Diamond
PUBLISHED: 2009 by Leaping Lizards Magic
Softbound. 126 pages.

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