SOLD Bauta (Grossberg) - USED BOOK

SOLD Bauta (Grossberg) - USED BOOK


Advanced techniques for really powerful cold reading!



SIGNED and NUMBERED Limited Edition



This out-of-print book is HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE and VERY HARD TO FIND.

The one available copy we could locate on the Internet is priced at $130.00!
We recommend that you do a search for yourself to verify that our price is a real bargain.

Imagine, as a psychic entertainer or mentalist, being able to give precise and eerily accurate "readings" to people throughout your performances.

Imagine, as you perform an effect, noticing a person's hands, and giving them an on-the-spot reading that is based on solid principles rather than cold reading ruses.

Imagine, as a mystery performer, being able to offer "readings" as an adjunct to your stage performances.

In this book, Scott delivers some tools that will dramatically and successfully change your Tarot readings, palm readings, personality analyses, and mentalism performances,

This book also includes 2 Audio CDs!
On the CDs, the author teaches you further details on the techniques, special secrets and sample readings to help you learn.

This first edition is limited to 500 copies, signed and numbered.
This copy is #357.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • BAuta by Scott Grossberg
  • two audio CDs

This is a SIGNED and NUMBERED Limited Edition used book.

CONDITION: excellent

AUTHOR: Scott Grossberg
PUBLISHED: 2008 by Leaping Lizards Publishing
Hardbound with dust jacket. 172 pages.

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