SOLD An Experiment With Time (Gould) - USED BOOK

SOLD An Experiment With Time (Gould) - USED BOOK


A very unusual routine about time travel!





This out-of-print book is HARD TO FIND.
Originally sold for $25, we could not find any available on the Internet.
So this one from us is a real bargain!

"AN EXPERIMENT WITH TIME is a routine where you conduct an experiment to prove the feasibility of traveling back in time.
A room is described, you enter the room holding a single blank playing card.
You wait, eventually the subject enters the room.
She looks at the card and watches it as the pips slowly materialize.
The subject nods and is brought back to the present time.
'Did you see the card?' you ask.
'Can you tell us what you saw?'
'The Three of Clubs'
'Please look at the card inside the envelope'
The subject opens the envelope that she has been holding the whole time. Inside is a photograph of what she has just witnessed - a photo of you holding the card she has just named.
Is time travel possible??"

This booklet was written by a magician who is a member of a group of like-minded mentalist magicians called Sanctum.
The booklet is a compilation of the above routine, plus pages of ideas about effective card forces, reveals and "outs".
Some very useful stuff here!

This softbound book is 33 pages, with a very nice glossy cardstock cover.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • An Experiment With Time

This is a used OUT OF PRINT booklet.

CONDITION: excellent (feels like it was never opened)

AUTHOR: Christopher J. Gould
PUBLISHED: ? by Christopher Gould
Softbound. 33 pages.

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