SOLD Amateur Magician's Handbook (Hay) - USED BOOK
Amateur Magicians Handbook

SOLD Amateur Magician's Handbook (Hay) - USED BOOK


One of the most popular magic books ever written!



Desirable 1972 hardcover edition!



This out-of-print book is VERY POPULAR and impossible to find in the 1972 hardcover edition at this price.

All available copies of this particular edition (with dust jacket) we could locate on the Internet ranged from $21.86 up to $128.58! Even the digital version sells for $25!

This book has been called one of the absolute best magic books ever written.
For more than a generation The Amateur Magician's Handbook has been the acknowledged classic text for conjurers, both beginners and advanced.
Even David Copperfield recommended it during one of his TV specials!
Literally thousands of magicians found their love for magic through this book.

This book covers about every basic sleight imaginable, along with many prop items.
It concerns itself not only with how the tricks are done, but why.
It talks about when apparatus is better than sleight of hand, and when it's not.
There is emphasis on cards, coins, the usual, but what differentiates this from other books on magic is how clearly the psychology of magic is explained.
The Amateur Magician's Handbook stands alone in showing how and why magic works as entertainment: how spectators think and how you must think, and feel, to make puzzling tricks pleasing.

Since this book was first published in 1950, there have been several additions and improvements.
A comprehensive new section was added with this edition, covering the difficult but rewarding (and potentially profitable) art of entertaining children.
And this particular edition was printed on heavier weight glossy paper, making the photo illustrations really "pop" and giving this particular printing a luxurious feel.
The 1972 hardcover edition is the most sought-after version of this book.


Chapter One: The Magic State of Mind
Chapter Two: Hard Easy Tricks and Easy Hard Tricks

Part One Hand Magic
Chapter Three: Hand Magic With Cards
Chapter Four: Give Them A Rest (Tricks where no cards are chosen)
Chapter Five: Please Take a Card - Standard Card Tricks
Chapter Six: Hand Magic with Coins
Chapter 7: The Miser's Dream and Other Great Coin Tricks
Chapter 8: Hand Magic With Billiard Balls
Chapter 9: The Multiplying Billiard Balls
Chapter 10: Other Hand Magic With Balls
Chapter 11: Hand Magic with Thimbles
Chapter 12: Hand Magic With Cigarettes

Part Two: Applied Art: Head Magic
Chapter 13: Head Magic With Cards
Chapter 14: Varied Head Magic

Part Three: Apparatus Magic
Chapter 15 - Silks
Chapter 16: Small Gimmicks and Fakes
Chapter 17: Standard Stuff

Part Four: Mental Magic
Chapter 18: Mental Magic - Theo Annemann

Part Five: Intimate Magic
Chapter 19: Close Up Performance

Part Six: Children's Shows
Chapter 20: Performing for Children

Part Seven: Platform Magic
Chapter 21: Platform Magic

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • The Amateur Magician's Handbook by Henry Hay

This is the 1972 hardcover edition of this book.

CONDITION: very good (book is great; dust jacket is torn- see photo)

AUTHOR: Henry Hay
PUBLISHED: 1972 by Thomas Y. Crowell Company
Hardbound with dust jacket. 386 pages.

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