Ultimate Bill Penetration
Push a pen through a bill in a frame without making a hole!

Ultimate Bill Penetration


Push a pen through a bill in a frame without making a hole!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

The Penetration Frame made for money!


Looks impossible- but it's easy!

The idea is simple- but the mystery is amazing!
Place any regular paper bill inside the frame.
The bill can be seen in the cutout windows of the frame- it's in there!
Take a regular pen, or even a wand, and push it straight through the circle at the middle of the frame.
That SHOULD poke a hole right in the center of the bill!
But when you open the frame again, there is the bill- WITH NO HOLE IN IT!

This can be repeated immediately, with no fuss.
If you can place the bill into the frame, you can do the trick!

And here's an idea!
Combine this effect with the Mystery Pen Thru Bill.
Both effects involve a pen "poking" through a bill without leaving a hole.
But they each use a completely different method.
So, for example, you could borrow a bill and put it in the frame.
Use the Mystery Pen to poke through the frame.
Remember, the Mystery Pen lets you actually write with it, so you can use it to poke through the frame.
Then, after you remove the unharmed bill from the frame, poke through it with the Mystery Pen.
Your spectator will be completely amazed!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Ultimate Bill Penetration frame
  • printed instructions

You supply the real dollar bill and the pen (or wand).

Rewards Points

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