Trilogy Card Prediction COMPLETE
Random numbers match randomly selected cards- TRIPLE prediction!

Trilogy Card Prediction COMPLETE


Random numbers match randomly selected cards in a TRIPLE prediction revelation!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Amazing and yes- EASY!

If you want the impossible, if you want to perform an absolutely STUNNING prediction card trick, but you don't want one that requires ANY fancy moves- this is the trick for you! If you can spread the cards out, you can do the trick!

The effect: Using three spectators, you name a playing card, and let Spectator #1 choose a random number. You name another card, and let Spectator #2 name another random number. For the third prediction, you name a number, and Spectator #3 names ANY card (except the cards you've already named, of course).

You open a deck of cards and spread them out, showing that the cards are all numbered on the back, with different numbers. You find the card with the number that Spectator #1 chose, and let him remove the card, keeping it face down and secret for now. You repeat, finding the card with the number that Spectator #2 chose, and let him remove that card as well. Now you turn the deck face up, and look for the card that Spectator #3 chose, and let him remove that as well.

Spectator #1 turns his card over- it is the exact card you named BEFORE he chose his random number! Spectator #2 turns his card over- it is the card you named before he chose his random number, too! And when Spectator #3 turns his card over, the number you named is written on the back of the card!

It is a really clever and unusual method!

And this one comes with extensive online instruction!
When you open your TRILOGY COMPLETE package, you'll get the link to a 28-minute online video direct from the inventor himself.

Trilogy Card Prediction COMPLETE is a stunner that can be performed for a few people or for an entire audience from stage.
It's spectacular!

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