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Tricks for Specific Occupations

Magic Tricks for Specific Occupations
Magic tricks to suit your occupation!
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  • Tricks for Teachers
    Very easy tricks to use in the classroom, either as part of a lesson plan or as a reward for good class behavior.
  • Tricks for Waiters
    Very quick and easy, these tricks can be carried in the pocket and used to set yourself apart from other servers, distract and appease customers who are waiting for orders- and to increase tips!
  • Tricks for Bartenders
    Quick and easy, these tricks can be stored conveniently behind the bar to take out and amaze customers- and increase tips!
  • Tricks for Sales Reps
    These tricks are great for making a lasting impression. They are easy to master, can be easily carried in a pocket or briefcase, and are truly amazing to watch.
  • Tricks for Doctors
    Easy tricks that can be used to put patients at ease.
  • Tricks for Clowns
    Flashy tricks that can be carried in hand or in a pocket, appropriate for clown characters.
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