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EZ Trick Finder

EZ Trick Finder
Quickly and easily find JUST THE RIGHT TRICK! Don't know what you are looking for?
Find tricks grouped by AGE - SKILL LEVEL - OCCUPATION - OCCASION.
Want a trick that can make an object disappear? Or a trick that uses flowers? Or maybe a trick that is perfect for a school talent show?
The EZ Trick Finder works LIKE MAGIC to locate the right trick for you!

Narrow your search:
  • Most Popular Items
    These are the favorite tricks, the ones most popular with our customers. They are easy to learn, easy to perform, and get great reactions. If you are buying magic tricks as a gift, these are sure to please!
  • Most Requested Items
    These are the tricks and props that are most requested, including:
    The Two-Headed Quarter, The Rubber Chicken, the lights at the fingertips, the Pride and Joy Card, the red cellophane Fortune Telling Fish.

  • By Age and Skill Levels
    All our tricks sorted by AGE GROUP or SKILL LEVEL! Find the perfect magic trick based on ability and interest!
    Win that talent show!
    These tricks are easy and quick to learn, require little or no skill to perform, are proven audience-pleasers, and show up well in front of a crowd.
    Plus, we ship FAST!
    Perfect for your next play!
    These tricks are easy to learn, require little or no skill to perform, will not distract the actor, and show up well in front of an audience.
    Plus, we ship FAST!
    Just what you need for your recital!
    Specially selected tricks are easy to learn, require little or no skill to perform, can be performed while dancing, and show up well in front of an audience.
    Plus, we ship FAST!
  • For Beginners
    Don't know what tricks to choose for a budding magician?? These are the tricks we recommend for the child or adult who is just starting out in magic. They are easy to learn, easy to handle, easy to perform, and get great reactions! Even if you don't know anything about magic, you will have a lot of fun with these tricks! Just follow the simple instructions provided with each trick, and you will be putting on a magic show in no time!

  • Tricks for Specific Types of Shows
    Browse lists of tricks for:
    Birthday Party Shows - Talent Shows - Theatrical Productions - Outdoor Shows - Restaurant/Walkaround Shows - Marriage Proposals - Convention Booths

  • Tricks for Specific Holidays
    Browse lists of:
    Christmas Theme Tricks - Halloween Theme Tricks - Patriotic Theme Tricks

  • Tricks for Specific Occupations
    Browse lists of tricks chosen especially for:
    Bartenders - Waiters/Servers - Sales Reps - Teachers - Doctors

  • Tricks Listed By What Happens
    Browse lists of:
    Tricks where something floats - Tricks where something appears - Tricks where something vanishes - Tricks where one thing is exchanged for another - Tricks where something lights up

  • Tricks That Use Specific Items
    Browse lists of tricks that use:
    Sponges - Money - Business Cards - Optical Illusions - Rope - Silks - Fire - Flowers - Candles - Liquid - Pens or Pencils - Choppers - Cigarettes - Balloons

  • Tricks Using YOUR OWN Item
    Browse lists of tricks that will help you:
    Make Your Item Float - Make Your Item Appear - Make Your Item Disappear - Change Your Item Into Something Else (or Change Something Else Into Your Item)
  • Tricks With DVD Instruction
    These magic tricks come with instruction on DVD, or with online instruction. Some have a bonus online video. Makes these tricks even easier to learn!
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