This week we lost a member of the family.

George has crossed the Rainbow Bridge...

We rescued George in the fall of 2005, when he was just a few months old.
He quickly became the Big Brother to the rest of the clan, a role he kept throughout his life.
Each morning he would round up the pack after breakfast time and make sure they did their business, no fooling around. :-)
And every night he cleaned each dog's ears and eyes before tucking them into bed.

Most importantly, George was the Shipping Supervisor at
From his cushion on top of the main packing station, he watched carefully as each order was packed.
He always made sure our customers were taken care of!
Of course, the packing station also happens to be where the dog treats are kept. :-)

George was named after the comedian George Burns.
When George came into our lives, we already had a few other Chihuahuas, named Gracie and Lucy after Gracie Allen and Lucille Ball.
A few months later, we added Ricky, for Ricky Ricardo.
George has now joined Gracie and Lucy over the Rainbow Bridge.
We miss him already, and hope that he is running happily with his pals.


leo ferguson

Date 8/25/2020

Sorry to hear you lost George. I know what it's like. Been there, done that. It hurts. People say "Dogs are LIKE a member of the family". They're wrong.....dogs ARE a member of the family. Hope he's romping in the biggest pasture ever!

Thomas Martin

Date 8/25/2020

That is hard loosing a pet, but you have the right idea. All Good Dogs go to Heaven. I remember a Twilight Zone Show, an older Man walking with His Dog, they came to a opening in the Fence, and turned in, a man was there, and said No Dogs. The dog was growling at this guy. They said Ok, we will just keep walking. They walked further and came to another opening in the fence. They were welcomed, they asked about the first gate they had come to, were told "That was Hell" Enjoy the day, Tom D.

Steve Moebius

Date 8/25/2020

So sorry!! No greater loyalty then a dogs.

Joe Attanasio

Date 8/25/2020

I am so very sorry.


Date 8/25/2020

Oh my gosh. My heart goes out -- I understand what you are feeling. I am sorry. What a sweet, precious little doll George was. Another cold nose at the pearly gates now.

Mr. G.

Date 8/25/2020

Jackie & Peter, My heart goes out to you both and the other pets you have. George will always be a part of your family and now watches over you all. Rescue pets are special and they give so much of themselves every day. I am sure the others feel the loss as well. He was part of a loving family and his memory remains within your home. Thank you for rescuing him and providing a wonderful life that I am sure he cherished. My prayers and sincere thoughts go out to you both and your extended pet family. God Bless... Gary

Shawn Allen

Date 8/25/2020

So sorry for your loss. It’s very hard to lose a member of the family, especially our 4 legged friends.


Date 8/25/2020

So sorry, just like family.

Robert Smith

Date 8/25/2020

Sorry for your loss Peter and Jakiie I know what it's like to lose a part of the family. look at this way he is looking down on you guys God Bless you both

Brent Kelly

Date 9/6/2020

Peter, so sorry to hear about the passing of George.

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