Traveling Cubes + ONLINE VIDEO
Yellow cubes magically travel from one tube to the other!

Traveling Cubes + ONLINE VIDEO


Yellow cubes magically travel from one tube to the other!
BONUS VIDEO: Comes with exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with secret IMPORTANT TIP!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Bonus Video

Watch the bonus video here

Comes with our BONUS online instruction video!
(available after you buy this trick from us)

PASSWORD REQUIRED - password link is EMAILED TO YOU on your Order Confirmation
Peter Monticup created an EXTRA online video EXCLUSIVELY for our customers who purchase this trick!
After you receive your password, watch the BONUS VIDEO right here. Just CLICK THE RED ARROW above!

Like FLYING COINS but done with cubes!


Invisible transportation is magical

If you liked FLYING COINS (which you can buy below)- you'll love this one!

This effect uses two identical tower tubes, plus four solid color dice cubes.
The four cubes are stacked on top of each other and then covered with one of the tubes.
The other tube is empty.
But AT YOUR COMMAND, one of the cubes INVISIBLY travels from one tower to the other!
You show that the cube is indeed under the second tower, while the first tower now has only THREE cubes!

You repeat this again and again, each time moving one of the cubes from the first tower to the second one!
At the end, all of the cubes have traveled invisibly from one tower to the other!

Impossible you say?
Amazing you say?
Well, we are telling you it is EASY!
If you can lift the tower off the stack of cubes- you can do this trick!

And this comes with a BONUS!
This is a great trick, but if you only have the instructions that are provided from the manufacturer, you will have difficulty with this effect.
The props will "talk", or make noise when you are performing the magic.
Peter Monticup developed a secret technique that eliminates that problem.
When you buy this trick from us, he'll share his secret with you!
You'll get the password for the BONUS VIDEO above.
In the video, Peter will teach you how to handle the props so they don't give away the secret to the trick!
You can't get this information anywhere else!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Traveling Cubes (tubes and cubes)
  • printed instructions
  • BONUS: online video instruction on how to operate the effect more smoothly

And that's all you need!

Cubes measure about 0.75" on each side.
Tubes measure about 3.5" tall.
Towers and cubes are made of plastic.

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