Transpo Cards
Pips on one card vanish, and appear on the back of another card!

Transpo Cards


Make the pips on one card vanish, and appear on the back of another card!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Amazing to see - totally unexpected! And SO EASY TO DO!

Show your spectator a wallet with two cards inside. Remove one of the cards, and lay it face down on the table. Remove the other card, and lay it face up on top of the first card. Give the cards a magical tap, and- PRESTO! Magic has happened!

Let your spectator turn over the face-down card. The card is now BLANK! The pips have vanished!

Next, let him look at the back side of the top card. The pips from the first card have transported to the back of the other card!

Amazing, and EASY EASY EASY! Absolutely NO SKILL NEEDED!
If you can take a card out of the wallet, you can do the trick!

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