SOLD Total Recall *PREOWNED*

SOLD Total Recall *PREOWNED*


Very clever method to determine written thoughts from multiple spectators!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2



Very strong mentalism effect from Eric Wolfe!

From the estate collection of an amateur magician who took really good care of his props!

From the instructions:
"You have just purchased one of the newest variations on the classic "Pseudo Psychometry" theme.
With the Total Recall pad, you will be capable of performing a variety of mental miracles!"

The instructions deatil how to perform one routine in which you have five different spectators write down the name of their favorite country.
The papers are collected and shuffled.
You are able to determine who wrote which answer.

Once you learn the principle of using the pads, you can easily develop your own routine.

You will get two pink While You Were Out type pads of paper, and original printed instructions.
You will be able to perform the effect 24 times.

CONDITION: never used
Pads are in mint condition, and are complete.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Total Recall (set of two pads)
  • original printed instructions

CONDITION: never used
Pads are in mint condition, and are complete.

Pads are pink paper, and measure about 3.75" x 5".
Enough to perform the effect 24 times.

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