A deviously clever participation card trick!



A deviously clever participation card trick!
ONLINE VIDEO: Peter Monticup's easy ONLINE instruction with routine!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

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Comes with our online instruction video!
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PASSWORD REQUIRED - password is PRINTED ON A CARD that is packed with your trick.
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Peter Monticup created this EXCLUSIVE online video instruction for you!
This trick comes with online instructions only- no printed instructions are needed.
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This is a new version of the trick previously sold as RIVERBOAT.

An entertaining and engaging effect for your spectator!

This one seems truly impossible, but it's easy!

This is a dice effect- that uses no dice.
Well, it uses IMAGINARY dice.
Since the dice will be in your spectator's head, there is absolutely no chance that you can fix the dice or cheat in any way.

Start by showing your spectator a blue-backed deck.
Tell him that you have predicted which card he will choose, and your prediction is on the RED backed card mixed into the deck.

To determine the chosen card, you are going to do something really different with the spectator.
He is going to chose his card by how many cards into the deck he wants to go.
But to make it totally random, he will chose that number by "tossing the dice".

Let him mentally toss three dice in his mind.
He tells you the uppermost number on each of the three dice.
You add the three numbers together out loud.
For example, if he "tosses" a three, a two and a five, that would be 3 + 2 + 5 = 10.
His randomly selected toss is 10.

Next, you count ten cards FACE UP off the blue deck.
Unlike other card effects, you are counting to EXACTLY his chosen number, no funny business.
With the chosen card showing face up, you thumb through the blue deck until you find the red back prediction card.
You slide the card partially out of the deck.
The spectator can read on the back of the card "You will roll".
You pull the card out further- it shows the number 10!
And when you pull the card all the way out, THE NAME OF THE CHOSEN CARD IS WRITTEN ON IT!

Though we highly recommend not repeating your tricks to the same crowd (the surprise element is already played out), this deck will result in different numbers/cards each time!

And this comes with ONLINE video instruction, with Peter Monticup showing you the EXACT set up and handling method!
Don't have card skills? NO WORRY!
Peter shows you how to do EVERY step!
And with this one- it's all in the cards!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Toss Up Deck
  • ONLINE video instructions from Peter Monticup

And that's all you need!

This trick comes with ONLINE video instruction only. No printed instructions.

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