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Top Magic Tricks

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  • Gift Certificates
    Gift Certificates are the perfect present! Let them browse and choose exactly what they want. It's like getting two gifts in one!
  • Top Tricks for Kids
    Easy tricks for instant success! Beginning magicians will love the WOW factor- and small hands can do these tricks!
  • Top Tricks for Adults
    Easy to learn, but very amazing!
    Excellent choices for adult magicians who want great looking props and incredible effects!
  • Top Tricks for Magicians
    These tricks are a cut above- truly amazing magic that is designed to fool both spectators AND other magicians!
  • Top Tricks for Collectors
    The best tricks for magicians who collect the finer magic tricks. These items are true collectibles, quality made for amusement and wonderment.
  • Top Magical Gifts
    These are the items our customers recommend- their choices for the very best gifts for a magician.
  • Most Popular Tricks
    These are the favorite tricks, the ones most popular with our customers. They are easy to learn, easy to perform, and get great reactions. If you are buying magic tricks as a gift, these are sure to please!

  • Grandparents' Best Picks
    Want the grandkids to think of you as the BEST GRANDPARENT EVER?? These are the tricks other grandparents have chosen as the BEST choices to buy as gifts for the grandchildren. They are easy to learn, easy to perform, and get great reactions. Even if YOU don't know anything about magic, you and your grandkids will have a lot of fun with these tricks!

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