Top Magic Tricks for Collectors
Collector quality magic brings you into a whole new level of the magic world.
These items are quality made and they look great in your collection!

Top Tricks for Collectors

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Authentic posters, handbill and souvenir book from the show of travelling magician DeLaMano!
Make 8 large bottles appear, vanish, change places and multiply!
This wooden chest resists anyone lifting it- until you let them!
Professional balanced magic wand for the discriminating magician!
Melt a guillotine blade around a spectator's finger!
Make little balls vanish, reappear and multiply using a chalice cup!
Make a bottle move from one tube to another, change places with a glass, and vanish!
BONUS: Comes with two FREE silks
BONUS: Comes with two FREE plastic glasses
BONUS: Comes with FREE secret technique instruction
Professional all metal magic wand- perfect size and weight!
A bottle moves invisibly between tubes, changes places with a glass, multiplies and changes color!
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