Top Hat Ring Box
Hinged ring box in the shape of a magician's top hat!

Top Hat Ring Box


Hinged ring box shaped like a magician's top hat!



Lots of uses!

This hinged ring box is the perfect accessory for that magical marriage proposal!
Or even use it to present the wedding band at the altar!

The classic magical top hat in a hinged ring box!
Use this as a ring presentation.
Produce several of them from a real top hat!
Make a ring vanish in your act, then make it appear in this box (duplicate ring needed).
Put a dime in the box. Have a small bell on your table. Then, as a "special prize", offer your spectator a "diamond ring". It's a joke- open the box to reveal the dime, then ring the bell. Here's a "dime and ring"! Get it?

  • Box is about 2" tall and 1.5" diameter.
  • Box is made of black velvet flocking over cardboard base.
    Inside is white cloth with a padded ring slot.

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