Table- Top Hat on Table Base
Perform in style- use this clever top hat table for your next show!

Table- Top Hat on Table Base


Perform in style- use this clever top hat table for your next show!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

The one table you should definitely be using!

What a clever idea! All magicians need a top hat, and this one is actually a handy table!

Imagine having a handy container to neatly and safely deposit your props and tricks into, once you've completed a routine. Or, you can put a secret load into the tophat before the show, and produce whatever you want from it!

You can also customize your Top Hat Table! Simply insert recycled paper towel tubes, Pringles canisters, or peanut butter jars inside the hat to make compartments for your magic. Use your imagination- it's YOUR table!

The classic black top hat is made of high impact black plastic for years of trouble-free performance. The hat is about 7" tall, and the opening is about 5" in diameter. Roomy!

The INCLUDED Eureka Table Base is very sturdy, made of chromium-plated metal. The base adjusts up to an impressive 59" inch height, yet folds down into a compact 26" for transportation and storage. When fully opened, the legs span 22" and lock into place, making for a really stable and sturdy base. Best of all, the table is adjusted with a convenient and easy-to-use knob, allowing you to quickly change the height of your table whenever you want- even during your show!

Of course, you can also use the base separately, on any other table top you own that has a flange attachment on top! Wow, talk about getting your money's worth!!

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