Top 25 Magic Christmas Gifts for 2015

The most popular gifts of magic for 2015-
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Push a pen through a dollar bill without making a hole!
Find ANY selected card in the deck instantly- and dozens of other tricks- no skill necessary!
Turn a penny into a miniature penny- or turn a penny into a dime!
Be ready to do incredible magic ANYTIME with ordinary objects!
Touch a penny with the pen- the penny instantly changes to a miniature penny!
BONUS: Includes a FREE Pen Penetration!
$13.99 $6.99
Three cards, one Ace- and you'll never let them catch it!
BONUS VIDEO: Get exclusive additional ONLINE instruction and real cards routine from Peter Monticup!/span>
Make little red balls vanish, appear, multiply and more- inside an ordinary coffee cup!
Correctly predict the exact card selected by your spectator!
With EXCLUSIVE improved gimmick!/span>
Change one item into another, produce it from an empty bag! Free booklet!
Make a coin vanish from your spectator's closed hand!
Produce a magical red light at the tips of your fingers! Get TWO lites plus DVD instruction!
Make a coin vanish from your spectator's closed hand AND MORE!
Also includes the Scotch and Soda Secrets Revealed Instruction DVD
Learn to perform jawdropping magic tricks with ordinary objects and playing cards!
BONUS: Comes with FREE Svengali Deck!/span>
Melt a guillotine blade around a spectator's finger!
Magically link and unlink eight solid metal rings!
Become a master card magician with this complete course in card magic!
Own the ultimate complete course in coin magic!
Turn soda bottles up and down- your spectator can't follow you! And these won't break!
All five decks in the Classic Card Decks series- best trick decks made!
Make a bottle move from one tube to another, change places with a glass, and vanish!
BONUS: Comes with two FREE silks
BONUS: Comes with two FREE plastic glasses
BONUS: Comes with FREE secret technique instruction/span>
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