OSR Tiny Card Prediction
Tiny card matches their chosen card- and a full size prediction card!

OSR Tiny Card Prediction


A tiny card matches your spectator's chosen card- and a full size prediction card!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Funny, clever, STUNNING and easy to do!

This is a really different kind of card trick- and one that has a lot of twists!

Tell your spectators that you can predict which card they will choose out of your deck. To prove your prediction, place a playing card face down on the table.
Let a spectator choose a card from the deck.
Did you correctly predict which card would be chosen?
You turn your prediction face up- and it shows little images of ALL 52 CARDS! Funny!

But wait- there's more!
You repeat the effect with another spectator, but this time you can ask him to sign the back of the your prediction card.
With the signed prediction in full view, let the spectator select a card from your deck.
Of course, when you turn over your prediction card, you show the same image of all 52 playing cards again.

BUT WAIT A MINUTE... now the prediction card only shows the faces of 51 cards!
One of the cards in the picture is now FACE DOWN!
Could it be the chosen card??
You turn the prediction card over- and there is the image of the chosen card- right next to the spectator's signature!

Wow- this is a STUNNING effect!
Best of all, the spectator can even keep the signed card as a souvenir of your show!

It even comes with TWO DIFFERENT prediction cards!
You can repeat the trick for the same crowd, with a different ending!

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