Fine art repro by Warren Paper Co., circa 1962



Rare fine art reproduction of a classic 1925 Thurston magic poster!



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The rare sought-after print by Warren Paper Co.!


The best of the best!
This wonderful fine art Thurston Portrait poster was produced by the famous Warren Paper Company to demonstrate the high quality of their watermarked fine printing paper.

Known worldwide for its top quality products and innovative printing processes, the Warren Paper Company each year promoted samples of its products by printing colorful and compelling images on its fine paper, then distributing the posters to its customers.

In 1962, one of the images chosen for reproduction was Thurston's 1925 Portrait poster.
The poster was reproduced in exactly the same size, with the same printing process and colors, and on very similar (if not better) paper.

The result: the Thurston Portrait Poster is such an amazing high quality reproduction that it could easily be mistaken for the real thing.
The only giveaway is the "Warren Paper" watermark that is visible when the poster is held up to the light.
When magic dealer Lee Jacobs sold these to us in the mid- 1980s, he stamped his business name on the back.

Framed up, it would be nearly impossible to tell this amazing reproduction from a real Thurston poster.
With the real thing costing upwards of $8,000 (if you can find one), this is your opportunity to own an incredibly wonderful piece of magic art.

Please note: this is a reproduction of the original 1925 poster, but it is an AUTHENTIC fine art Warren Paper Co. print!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Warren Paper Co. THURSTON PORTRAIT poster

This is a half sheet poster, size 20" x30".
Poster is not framed.
Poster will be shipped rolled up in a tube.

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