Thumbs and Lights
Get two thumbtips with removable red lights!

Thumbs and Lights


Get two thumbtips with REMOVEABLE red lights!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Thumb tip plus Light from Fingertips in ONE!

Do everything you can do with a Thumb Tip- plus make YOURS light up!

The Thumb Tip is one of the most useful gimmicks in magic.
This clever device makes it possible to vanish silks, coins, salt- even water- in your bare hand.
We've got a book and a DVD available to show you how! (Not included- see below)

Imagine being able to reach anywhere and pluck a bright red light out of thin air, pass it from hand to hand, vanish it and make it reappear again and again and AGAIN! EXCLUSIVE!! We include TWO Thumbs and Lights!!

With one gimmick, you can make the red light appear at your fingertips at will, or appear to take a light from your mouth, or pluck the light from any object you touch. To pass the light from hand to hand, you need to use TWO gimmicks (one for each hand).
And you'll get TWO when you buy this set from us!!

Please note, the Thumb gimmick fits adult-sized hands.
The Thumb and Light comes in one size only.
This will not fit children's or small hands.
For smaller hands, please see D'Lite Junior.
For larger adult hands, please see D'Lite Jumbo.

Compare the D'Lite with the Thumb and Light:

Both are thumbs with lights put into them.
Both operate exactly the same way- with slight pressure on the light.

Both fit on the human thumb exactly the same way- resting on the knuckle of the thumb.
Both use thumbs that are a neutral color.
Both use lights with batteries that cannot be replaced. When the light burns out, you need to replace the whole thing.
Both use RED lights.

Thumb and Light
The light can be removed from the thumb so you can use the thumb as a regular Thumb Tip.
The thumb is very flexible.
The thumb comes in one size only, to fit a regular adult hand.

The light cannot be removed from the thumb.
The thumb is fairly stiff.
The thumb comes in three sizes: regular adult, junior size and jumbo size.

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