Thumb Tip- Vernet XXL WIDE
Extra wide magician's device lets you vanish objects in your bare hand!

Thumb Tip- Vernet XXL WIDE


Most important device for vanishing and appearing a silk in your bare hand!
Fits VERY large hands


Ages 13 and up   Level 3

Choose Options and Quantity

Add a 9'' Red Silk?
Yes [+$1.99]

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The greatest gimmick in magic!


This is the EXTRA WIDE Vernet tip, perfect for the magician with a thicker thumb.
This tip is bigger around, to fit a wider thumb, and just a bit longer than the regular Vernet thumbtip.
It is a generous 3 3/4" circumference around the base, and just over 2" long.

This is the one "must have" gimmick for every magician!
Probably the most popular and most used device in magic, this utility device makes it possible to vanish silks, coins, salt- even water- in your bare hand.
You can use it to produce items as well!
Keep one of these in every pocket- you'll use it often!

Thumbtip comes with basic operating instructions only.
To get the most out of this amazing gimmick, we strongly recommend that you also purchase a DVD or book which actually demonstrates and teaches the correct way to use the Thumb Tip as well as some amazing routines using this clever gimmick (see recommendations below).

Important Information About Thumb Tips:

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • one WIDE Vernet Thumb Tip
  • basic printed instructions

You supply the silk or other item to be vanished.

About the color of the Thumb Tip:

These thumb tips come in one color only. Obviously, everyone has a different skin tone.
The Thumb Tip is NOT MEANT to match your skin tone!
Rather, it is meant to be a visually neutral color, a color that does not grab attention.
It is your HANDLING of the Thumb Tip that makes it "invisible".

Here is what a Thumb Tip might look like on different skin tones:
Thumb Tips and Skin Tones

Tips & Ideas

Correct Position for a Thumb Tip:

The Thumb Tip is supposed to rest ON TOP of your knuckle, not cover it.
That way, there is some room inside the thumb tip for whatever you want to load into it.
If you push the Thumb Tip over your knuckle, your own thumb will take up all the room inside the tip, which is not what you want!
Thumb Tips and Correct Position

Performance Ideas:

Make 10 dimes appear from an empty rolled-up dollar bill! Produce a silk handkerchief(sold separately) from thin air! Change a packet of sugar into a sugar cube! Change a few normal coins into a key by "melting" them together in your bare hands! And more!


Q: I read somewhere that, at least with old vernet thumb tips, you could dip them in hot water to reshape them a bit for a better, more comfortable fit. Is this (still) true?
Asked by: Trey - 10/16/2015
A: Yes, to some extent. Vernet tips are made of a higher quality and more flexible plastic. But be careful! Though heated water may work, we don't recommend it because hot water will burn your finger. It might be a safer idea to warm the tip with a blow dryer, then put the warm (NOT HOT) tip on your thumb and squeeze it with your other hand while it cools. Answer provided by: (10/16/2015)

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