Thumb Tip- Vernet Soft
Soft, flexible magician's device lets you vanish objects in your bare hand!

Thumb Tip- Vernet Soft


SOFT, flexible magician's device lets you vanish objects in your bare hand!


Ages 13 and up   Level 3

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The greatest gimmick in magic!

This is the SOFT Vernet tip, made of softer plastic than the Standard tip, for more comfort and control.
PLEASE NOTE: This tip is THE SAME SIZE as a standard tip.

This is the one "must have" gimmick for every magician! Probably the most popular and most used device in magic, this utility device makes it possible to vanish silks, coins, salt- even water- in your bare hand.
You can use it to produce items as well!
Keep one of these in every pocket- you'll use it often!

Thumbtip comes with basic operating instructions only.
To get the most out of this amazing gimmick, we strongly recommend that you also purchase a DVD or book which actually demonstrates and teaches the correct way to use the Thumb Tip as well as some amazing routines using this clever gimmick (see recommendations below).

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I should have entitled this, IF THE THUMB-TIP FITS, WHERE IS IT? -- a compliment of simulating your wit, Peter. I watched the video multiple times and I STILL can't see you returning the thumb piece! Nicely done, especially so close up! (Very kind of your photographer-director not to behead you, as well. Could add years to your life!) All that aside, I was delighted with my thumb-tip from as Mr. Monticup knows Vernet is the big name in thumb tips to purchase and he knows the most comfortable to use. As once said about a certain credit card, Don't leave home without it! Very fairly priced and a wonderful asset to keep in your pocket or purse. So many surprises you can perfect with these little rascals. Every well-rounded magician has one of these ready for action. Great for those impromptu situations. Recommend very highly! Highly recommend a lot of practicing, too! Getting a DVD, as Mr. Monticup recommends, is a solid idea. You will want to get a couple of thumb-tips in case one gets lost in the wash. Please don't make fun, that's my best vanish!!!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from TX . on 9/19/2015
Great, useful, classic.
These have been around forever, but there's a reason for that. Thumb tips are one of the most versatile tricks or gimmicks you can possibly find on any magic site or store. vanish a silk, pour water out of a dry dollar bill, the possibilities are endless and every magician and illusionist needs one.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from MA. on 6/25/2015
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