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Three Card Monte
The classic 3-card con game made easy!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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Three Card Monte

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The ultimate con artist game- made easy!

You can learn this one really quickly!

The Three Card Monte also known as Find the Lady, is the classic street con game in which the victim is tricked into betting money on whether he can successfully follow where the Ace is among three face-down playing cards.
Of course, he never can!
Usually performed by "mechanics" who are very skilled in difficult sleight-of-hand, this version is really very simple!

The basic routine goes like this:
Show three cards- an Ace, a Two and a Three.
Lay the cards face down on your table, asking your spectator to remember where the Ace is located.
Move the cards around on the table, changing their positions.
When you ask your spectator to point to the Ace, he is always wrong!
As an ending, you can eliminate one of the cards, and just lay down the Two and the Ace.
When the spectator points to the Ace, it has vanished- the two cards on the table are the Two and the Three!

This Pro version comes complete with special Bicycle back cards.
It is easy-peasy to perform- once you know the secret!


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