Thanksgiving with Dirk

Posted by Peter Monticup on 11/22/2020 to My Life In Magic

Remembering last year's Thanksgiving celebration with Dirk and his wife Carine.
Here's how you celebrate Belgian-style!
This is "raquelette", a relaxed and social style of eating that involves everyone cooking their own morsels of meat and vegetables on a tabletop stone grill.
You put pieces on top of the grill, and then underneath, you can put potatoes in a little drawer under the grill.
You cover the potatoes with a special cheese, and let the cheese melt while you are minding the morsels on top.
Cook, chat, drink some wine, eat... and repeat!
This meal takes HOURS!
And it is a lot of fun. Americans eat too fast!


Date 11/24/2020
Mr. G.
Nice tradition! The spread looks good too.... Please wish Dirk and Carine a wonderful holiday for me!!! Thanks for sharing!

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