SOLD Tenyo T-92 Pendant PREOWNED

SOLD Tenyo T-92 Pendant PREOWNED


Tenyo Classic! Pendant magically attaches to the chain!





This is a VERY hard-to-find Tenyo collectible trick.
We could not find another one for sale anywhere on the Internet.

The last one we could find was in rough shape and still sold for $185 on eBay in 2012.
Grab this bargain while you can!

Invented by the legendary Shigeru Sugawara, PENDANT was first offered by Tenyo in 1978.
The pendant featured the Tenyo logo rabbit as its central design.
The concept was not very popular at the time, so it was available for only a short time period.
However, recently Tenyo has revived the trick using a "Frozen" theme.

"A pendant is removed from its chain, and dropped into an envelope.
The end of the chain is put into the envelope.
When the chain is pulled from the envelope, the pendant comes out linked onto the chain.
Of course the envelope is empty!
You can hand the chain and pendant for examination because they are really attached to each other, no magnet here!
The most practical and attractive magic is the one performed with common objects.
This kind of magic has an advantage that it can be performed anywhere, any time.
By having this pendant on your neck, you can show this effect whenever you get the chance.
After the performance, put it back on your neck as a magical accessory.
A new type of magic, recommended for all."

We may have other vintage TENYO tricks for sale.
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What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Tenyo Pendant (pendant, chain, envelope)
  • original printed instructions

CONDITION: pendant and chain are excellent.
No packaging is included.
Please see photos.

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