Harbin Style Telekinetic Timbers Set - PREOWNED
A balanced block tumbles using your mind power-VERY RARE

Harbin Style Telekinetic Timbers Set - PREOWNED


A balanced block tumbles using your mind power-VERY RARE




Rare version of a popular mentalism effect!
The gimmick on this one is REALLY responsive!

Originally called The Tippler when Harlan Tarbell invented it in the mid-20th century, the concept of the mysterious toppling block was perfected by Robert Himber, the genius behind the Himber Ring and other magical innovations.
This version takes advantage of newer technology to make the working more predictable and stable.
Not to be confused with the effect called Telekinetic Timber, where you only get one block.
This is a TWO block set, and operates differently.

For those lucky enough to obtain one, this has become a classic telekinetic demonstration used by pro mentalists.
The two blocks are balanced, one on top of the other.
To prove the powers of your mind, you stand a distance away from the blocks.
You "concentrate" your brain power toward the blocks.
Nothing happens for some seconds.
Then BAM! The top block tumbles off the other block- even though you were nowhere near it!

What makes this set so wonderful is its reliability.
No magnets or threads are used- it works by itself.
Once set up it will take between 20-40 seconds to fall.
This set has been personally tested by Peter Monticup and work perfectly.

CONDITION: gently used
The blocks show very little signs of wear.
Direct from the estate of an amateur magician who took excellent care of his props.
Made of wood.
Blocks measure about 10" long x 2" x2".

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