Magic Tea Kettle + 3 FREE Silks
Pour three different color liquids from a kettle full of dry silks!

Magic Tea Kettle + 3 FREE Silks


Pour three different color liquids from a kettle full of dry silks!
BONUS: Comes with three FREE silks


Ages 13 and up   Level 1

The Tea Kettle has been UPGRADED to a new style!
The Tea Kettle is now chrome color metal.
It works exactly the same way- but even SMOOTHER and has much more room for more silks and sponges!

It's three tricks in one!

Pour different color water out of ONE teapot!
Take DRY silks out of that teapot!
Then pour more clear water out of the EMPTY kettle!

And yes- it's easy! If you can pour water from a kettle, you can do the trick!

And when you buy the TEA KETTLE from us, you'll get a BONUS!
You'll need some silks to do this trick.
The manufacturer ships this item without silks, but never fear. We've got you covered!
We'll give you THREE FREE SILKS so you are all ready to go when you get your Tea Kettle!
Buy this trick elsewhere and you'll have to supply your own silks!

Here are the basic routines: First, pour various colored drinks from the same kettle. Pour blue liquid into one cup, red liquid into another cup, and green liquid into the third cup. (You can actually pour FOUR or FIVE different colors- it's all up to you!) And remember- all the liquid is pouring from the SAME kettle!

But wait- there's more! Now remove the lid on the tea kettle, and remove three DRY silks that match the three colors of liquid- blue, red and green (for example). Though the silks come from inside the kettle that just held liquid- they are completely dry!

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