SOLD Tarbell Style Plaid Egg Bag With Egg - PREOWNED

SOLD Tarbell Style Plaid Egg Bag With Egg - PREOWNED


Classic plaid egg bag WITH egg!





Easy to use- deceptive style!
Plus we are including a fake egg!

We got this item from a magician who barely used it!
And since it is off the market now, you won't easily find another one, especially in this gently used condition!
Plus- this originally did not come with an egg, but we are giving you one!

This classic Egg Bag was marketed as a copy of the one made famous decades ago by the legendary Harlan Tarbell.
What makes it great is the deceptive plaid design, making it easier to hide the bulge of the egg in the bag.

You can do the usual routine of showing the bag empty, then suddenly there is an egg inside the bag!
You show your audience the egg, then place the egg back in the bag.
You can then turn the bag inside out- the egg has vanished!
But snap your fingers- and the egg reappears inside the bag again!
This routine can go on and on, and you can even incorporate an audience member by having HIM reach into the "empty" bag to find the egg.

CONDITION: gently used

Tarbell Style Egg Bag is made of cloth.
About 7" x 8".

Click to see a larger photo of the Tarbell Style Plaid Egg Bag.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Tarbell Style Plaid Egg Bag
  • fake egg
  • printed instructions

CONDITION: very gently used

Egg bag is made of fabric.
About 7" x 8".

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