DISCONTINUED Table- Folding Wood Hourglass
Fold-away side table with cut-out handles makes your show a breeze!

DISCONTINUED Table- Folding Wood Hourglass


Quick fold-away side table with cut-out handles makes your show a breeze!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1

Hourglass design with built-in handles for easy transport!


This table will be an important part of your show for many years!
When you need more performance space onstage, what you really need is a handy place to put the props you are about to use, or to safely put down the effects you've already done.
How about a portable table?
Here's another great table based on the famous Harbin "Pack-A-Way" table design!
This is a classic design, for a good reason!
Sets up in a flash, and folds away just as quickly and easily!

This is a table that is easy to carry and easy to use, especially if you are working without any assistants.
It starts out as a flat folded up unit, but quickly converts to a convenient side table size, making your show look more exciting, professional and fun.
When you use a magical-looking stage table like this one, you really set your audience in the right mood for magic!

What to use it for?
Don't fumble around with props after you've used them!
Finish a trick, and place it aside on this table, out of the way of your main performing space.
Keeps the flow of your show going smoothly and without interruption.
Plus, take a tip from the famous stage magicians like Blackstone Sr.- leave as many props visible after using them as possible.
Makes your show look bigger!

The entire table is made of wood.
The base is cut into a wonderful hourglass shape, with cut-outs that make for built-in handles.
How clever is that??

The table is approximately 31" high.
The table top is a really big 20" x 12", with a perfect working height of 28".
This table will give you many years of dependable use!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Quick Folding Wood Table- Hourglass Style
  • printed instructions

You supply any props.

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