Streamlined Surprise Pan
Produce prizes or candy from this pan- no skill needed!

Streamlined Surprise Pan


Produce loads of silks, sponges, prizes, candy or party favors- no skill needed!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1

Produce a big pile of silks, sponges, candy- whatever fits!

Desirable high quality polished STAINLESS STEEL!
Durable and great looking!

Just imagine this- simply cover the empty metal pan with the lid, and instantly uncover it again to reveal a pile of candy, prizes or party favors!
Yes, it's THAT simple!
If you can put the cover on the pan, you can do this trick!

The items you can produce are limited only by what will fit in the pan (items not included).
Besides producing prizes or candy, you could produce silks, a Sponge Cake, a Rubber Dove, or Spring Flowers.
All of these items can be purchased below!

WARNING! Disclaimer: We recommend that you do not use this item to produce a live animal.

We carry a number of production pans.
What sets this one apart is that it is a THIN profile, meaning from the outside, the pan looks really shallow, making it seem IMPOSSIBLE when you produce loads of stuff!
Plus, it has a pedestal bottom, a very nice design touch.
Proves that there is nothing underneath the pan!

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PRESTO PANS are devices that let you produce items like candy or prizes from an empty pan simply by covering the pan briefly and then removing the cover to reveal the item.

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