Strat-O-Sphere With Bag
Colored balls change places in a narrow tube!

Strat-O-Sphere With Bag


Make red, green and yellow balls change places- portable bag model!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

An audience favorite- now in a compact size

Here's how it goes: you place a red, a yellow and a green ball into the narrow tube.
Instantly, the balls change places!
But that's not all!
Next you put the yellow and green balls into the tube, but put the red ball into a cloth bag.
Instantly the red ball vanishes from the bag and reappears in the tube with the other two balls!

Very easy to perform and gets a great reaction every time!
The red, yellow and green colors are also perfect for a show with a safety message, too!

The regular Strat-O-Sphere is one of our most popular tricks.
This version is great because it is COMPACT, a little bit smaller (easier to handle) and LESS EXPENSIVE!
Very protable- one tube fits in the other, the balls go inside, and the bag can be wrapped around the tube as a cover!

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