Squaring the Circle
Turn a metal circle into a metal square- in the blink of an eye!

Squaring the Circle


Turn a metal circle into a metal square- in the blink of an eye!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1


This is a true classic of magic!
A clever optical illusion based on a standard engineering principle, Squaring the Circle has fascinated audiences for generations.
Off the market for many years- it's back and better than ever!

The effect is simple:
Show a metal ring held by the tips of your fingers.
With a simple move, the ring VISIBLY changes into a square!
Of course, with another simple move, you can instantly change it back to a CIRCLE!

The operation of the trick is simple, too!
If you can rub your fingers together, you can do this trick!

Like most great magic effects, this one is very dependent on your presentation.
A good story line goes a long way!
You can tell a story about how things are not always what they seem.
Or you can talk about how things can change in an instant.

Or you can use this as a comedy routine- tell your spectator to hold onto the circle, flip it as you hand it to him, and he always ends up with the square in his hand.

It is also effective as an "inside joke" with your audience.
You can show the square to one part of your audience, and the circle to the other part.
It is very funny as you ask each side what they see- even though you only have the one piece of magic equipment in your hands!

PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS before playing with this effect, or you could damage the metal or joints.

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