Closeup Pad- Spotlight
Portable surface puts your magic in the spotlight!

Closeup Pad- Spotlight


Portable bright padded surface really makes your magic effects POP!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Demo Video

Put your magic in the spotlight!


Show off your magic routines! Put them in the SPOTLIGHT!
The Spotlight Closeup Pad is an amazing mat- and a really great value.

This really unique mat has a bright, shimmery orange top and a padded back.
Wow, the vivid color really makes your cards and coins stand out!
That's why you see this exact pad used in many of the demo videos on!

The idea behind a closeup pad is that you will always have the proper surface to work from.
Cards will spread out smoother, coins will be easier to pick up.
Certain effects like the Cups and Balls or the Three Shell Game require that you use a mat or the tricks will not work properly.

The Spotlight CloseUp Pad is great for walkaround restaurant work, but it's also ideal when used on top of a performance table in your stage shows!
Roll it up and tuck it into your transport case- it unrolls instantly and lays flat on a table.
A quick tip- roll your mat with the cloth side OUT. This avoids creases!

Remember, you can also customize the mat to fit your needs.
Simply cut it into the desired shape or size with a pair of scissors.
A custom table mat will assure that any props you place on your table during your show will stay where you put them- no sliding around.

Make the most of your closeup routines by performing on the Spotlight Closeup Pad!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Spotlight Closeup Pad

PAD ONLY. No instructions.
No props or coins are included.
Pad is about 16.5" x 12.5".
Made of neoprene-backed cloth.
Padded surface color- bright orange.
Back neoprene color- black.

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