Spotacular + BONUS VIDEO
Change black and blue dots to red and yellow!

Spotacular + BONUS VIDEO


Change black and blue dots INSTANTLY to red and yellow!
BONUS: Video instruction for Monticup's added color change!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Really quick and really easy!

And we'll give you a BONUS- learn how to do the last change (the red spot changing to blue)!
This is a move that is NOT included in the printed instructions, but you'll get Monticup's BONUS video that will teach you the secret move!

Here's the effect: when you open the blue folder, your spectator sees a black dot and a blue dot.
Simply close the folder, and when you open it again, the blue dot is now red, and the black dot is yellow!

Then, Monticup's added move will let you take this effect one step further:
Hold your hand over the red dot, and instantly change it to blue!

Startling and easy to do!
Best of all, you can show both sides of the folder- there is nothing to hide!

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