Spot On
Correctly predict the EXACT domino design your spectator makes!

Spot On


Correctly predict the EXACT domino design your spectator makes!


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Ages 13 and up   Level 2


There is a common belief that many magic tricks are "done with mirrors". Well, this one really IS done with a mirror!

Show your spectator a little flat domino shape, with six magnetic dots. Let him make a domino, putting some of the dots on one side and some on the other.

When he's finished, tell him you've made a prediction about what design he was going to make. Your prediction can be seen in the mirror- well, of course it's right!

Just when he thinks it's all a joke, show him your REAL prediction- a picture of the EXACT two number domino he designed!

This wonderful trick is EXTREMELY easy to do- in fact, you don't need to do anything but the talking! It works itself!

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