Splitting Hares
Set of four sponge rabbits for your sponge ball routines!

Splitting Hares


Set of four sponge rabbits for your sponge ball routines!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

One, two, three, four little bunnies!

Love doing sponge ball magic, but hate it when the sponge balls roll off your table in the middle of your trick?

Here is a great solution! SPONGE BUNNIES!

This set of four little sponge rabbits can be used instead of sponge balls for most sponge balls routines.
Split one rabbit into two rabbits!
Make rabbits multiply in your spectator's hand!
Make the little bunnies appear and vanish from your palm!
If you can do it with sponge balls, you can do it with sponge rabbits!

This set comes with some basic instructions and simple tricks using sponges.
You will also learn how to Split Hares (though Monticup explains it in the demo video on this page).
If you want to explore more routines and techniques, we recommend a good book or DVD on Sponge Balls magic (see suggestions and links below).

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