PASSWORD: Spirit Slates Instruction Video
Learn Monticup's tips and technique for the Spirit Slates!

PASSWORD: Spirit Slates Instruction Video


Learn Monticup's tips and technique for the Spirit Slates!
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Ages 13 and up   Level 2


Need better instruction for your Spirit Slates?

Get the password to this exclusive video, and watch it right from this page!
If you buy the SPIRIT SLATES trick from us, you'll get the password to this instruction video FREE!

The printed instructions may be hard for you to follow, so we made a great little video that gives you the INSIDER INFORMATION you need to get MORE out of your new trick. Watch and learn Monticup's own routine with the Illusion Coins! You'll also see exactly how to handle the trick and plus get some secret tips no one else will tell you.

After you purchase the Spirit Slates trick, the password for the video will be EMAILED TO YOU.
Just click the VIDEO BOX to the left and enter your password when asked.

You can also access the video from this page anytime.
If you forgot your password, just contact us.
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