Spellbinding Nest of Boxes
Produce a borrowed coin from inside a set of nested brass boxes!

Spellbinding Nest of Boxes


Produce a borrowed coin from inside a set of nested brass boxes!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Looks great, and works like a charm!

A true marvel of magic! A quality effect that any magician would be proud to own and display!

The effect: A spectator's signed coin is placed under a handkerchief (which is included with the trick!) and then held by the spectator. You take a round golden box from your pocket and place it in the spectator's other hand. Now, with the handkerchief covering the signed coin in one hand, and the gold container in the other hand, the spectator is ready to be amazed! Take the handkerchief from the spectator- the coin has vanished! The spectator is then asked to open the gold container in his hand. Of course, the spectator expects to find his signed coin, but instead, there is a second gold box inside the first one. When the second gold box is opened, there is a third gold box! When the third box is opened, there is a fourth gold box! When the fourth box is opened- there is the signed coin! Absolutely impossible!

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