Special Assortment Deck DELUXE
Create your own tricks with this assortment of gimmicked cards!

Special Assortment Deck DELUXE


Create your own tricks with this huge assortment of gimmicked cards!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

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What a bargain! And this is the DELUXE set!


Looking for a particular gimmicked card so you can do a trick with it?
Maybe you need a blank-faced card, or a 14 of Spades card, or a card with backs on both sides.
But you don't need a WHOLE DECK of the specialty card, just one will do.
The Deluxe Special Assortment Deck is your answer!

This set contains an assortment of double face cards, blank back cards, blank face cards in both red and blue backs, double back red/red, double back blue/blue, double back red/blue, and blank both sides cards that are invaluable for making your own tricks and trick decks and packets.
And yes, these are Poker size Bicycle backs, the same high quality cards because they are made by U.S. Playing Card Co.
No knockoffs here!

And here's what makes this a DELUXE set:
This set ALSO contains specialty cards like the 14 of Diamonds, the 3 1/2 of Clubs, the Tree of Diamonds and more!
If you add up the value of all of the cards in this set- you are getting more than $25 in value!
Special Assortment decks sold elsewhere DO NOT include these specialty cards.

Please note: this is a pack of cards only.
No instructions are included.

For a set of gimmicked cards that does come with instructions for tricks, see 7 In 1 Pocket Card Trick.

The exact cards you get may vary.
Every deck we've examined has contained at least five of each of the regular gimmicked cards (double face, double back, etc.) and at least the 14 of Diamonds, the 3 1/2 of Clubs, the Tree of Diamonds and the 52 on One Card.
You'll get about 45 cards total in this set.
These are POKER size cards.

If there is a specialty card you MUST have, please tell us in the Comments section when you check out.
We will check the deck to make sure that card is included.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Blank Faces, Red Backs (about 5)
  • Blank Faces, Blue Backs (about 5)
  • Blank Backs - different faces (about 5)
  • Double Backs - Blue on both sides (about 5)
  • Double Backs - Red on both sides (about 5)
  • Double Backs - Blue/Red (about 5)
  • Double Faces - different on each side (about 5)
  • Fake Back Spread, Regular Face (1)
  • Fake Face Spread, Regular Back (1)
  • 14 of Diamonds (1)
  • Shattered Hearts card (1)
  • 3 1/2 of Clubs (1)
  • Tree of Diamonds (1)
  • 52 on One Card (1)
  • Vanishing Pips cards (3)- regular, corner index only, corner index plus center

You supply your own tricks and routines.
There are about 45 cards in a set.
Your assortment may vary slightly from what is listed above.

These are POKER size cards.

Customer Reviews

Excellent Buy!!!
A Great Pack to pick up if you want a variety of professional gaffed cards, but don't need an entire deck of them.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from LA. on 6/26/2015

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