Zaranoff, Sonia

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Sonia Zaranoff

Mindreader with the Talking Tea Kettle

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Sonia Zaranoff and the Talking Tea Kettle

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Sonia Zaranoff was a female mentalist, performing in the 1930s as "Sonia Zaranoff and Her Magic Talking Tea Kettle".

Legendary magic dealer Robert Nelson put together the act for her, a mindreading routine featuring his own product, the Talking Tea Kettle. In the act, a spectator's question would be answered by a voice that seemed to come out of the spout of the kettle.

Despite Nelson's financial and promotional support, the act was short-lived. By 1938, she had become a successful milliner in Chicago. She had a legal run-in with famous dancer Irene Castle, who also had a millinery company. Sonia sued Irene for slander, accusing the dancer of calling her a "stuffy old cow" and a "drunkard who makes terrible hats". Sonia lost.


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