Something Rattle Box + BONUS VIDEO
The box rattles but looks like there is nothing inside!

Something Rattle Box + BONUS VIDEO


The box rattles but looks like there is nothing inside!
BONUS: Get Monticup's video with bonus routine!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Are you hearing things??!

Something in the box is rattling- but what is it??

This is a very simple but clever idea that can be a short effect, or drawn out into a longer routine.
Your choice!

Basically, you give the little box a shake, and something can be heard rattling inside.
Is it a coin, or a ring?
When you open the box and let your spectator take a look- all he sees is NOTHING!
When you put the top back on the box and shake it, it rattles again.

The clever design of this box lets you do more than just present the quick mystery of the "rattle- no rattle" effect.
If you know the handling used with an Okito Coin Box, you can use the Something box to do some of the same effects.

And this one comes with a BONUS!
Don't know the Okito Coin Box move?
You'll get the password to the BONUS VIDEO that will teach you how to use this box as an Okito Coin Box!

The Okito Coin Box is one of Monticup's favorite pieces of coin magic equipment, so he made a BONUS video to show you how to turn this RATTLE box into an OKITO box.
You won't get this video anywhere else! Don't miss out!
With a little practice, you can turn this amazing effect into an entire coin routine!

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