Make the tip snap into the tube- yet your spectator can't do it!



Easily catch the band in the Snapper- yet your spectator can't do it!
BONUS: Includes exclusive video with tips


Ages 5 and up   Level 1

The classic puzzle/magic trick is back!

What a mystery! You can easily catch the band with the Snapper and make it snap- but nobody else can do it!
Because YOU know the SECRET!

Take the Snapper and put it into the tube.
The Snapper has a hook on one end- if you can hook the band inside the tube, you can make the Snapper snap!
Of course, no one else can do it!

This trick is so great that we even made a BONUS video for you, to show you how to perform this effect smoothly PLUS use the same secret to snap the cap on a Bic pen!
The video is only available from us- and it's free when you purchase this trick from!

This is a CLASSIC pocket puzzle that has been on the market in some form or another for over 100 years. Recently, though, it's been difficult to find a good working version of the Snapper puzzle, but we are really happy with this one.
This is the best QUALITY version we could find- beware of the cheap imitations out there!
We ship each Snapper with a FRESH rubber band that we install ourselves.
When the rubber band eventually wears out or dries out, you can easily replace it with an ordinary small size rubber band.

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See more similar magic tricks See more PARTY FAVORS!

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