Slyidini Performs Balls Over Head Routine

Posted by Peter Monticup on 8/14/2020 to Magic Movies

Tony Slydini (September 1, 1901 – January 15, 1991) was born Quintino Marucci in Italy, but he became famous worldwide as simply "Slydini".
He was a master of closeup artistry, mentoring and inspiring many of the great names in modern magic.
Not only was he an incredible manipulator, he was also a master entertainer.
My favorite routine is his classic BALLS OVER THE HEAD comedy classic...


Date 8/17/2020
Trey Paterson
I LOVE Slydini! I count him as a major influence. I'm so grateful to Dick Cavett for the well recorded episodes of Slydini performing, preserving some of this legendary magicians work.
Date 8/17/2020
Mr. G.
The ultimate in slight of hand....!

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