Michael Skinner's Ultimate 3-Card Monte
Follow the Money Card- you make it impossible to do!

Michael Skinner's Ultimate 3-Card Monte


Michael Skinner's no-sleights version of Follow the Ace!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

The late Michael Skinner's greatest contribution to magic!

The Ultimate 3-Card Monte is an easy-to-learn version of the classic "Follow the Ace" con game.
But it is Michael Skinner's ingenious spin on this trick that will make this one your favorite to perform!
Requires no sleight of hand!

The routine goes like this:
You show the spectator three cards: an ace, a two and a three.
The cards are placed face down in a row on the table.
Switch the cards around and ask your spectator to follow the Ace.
Of course he can't!
Three times the spectator is asked to follow the Ace, and all three times the Ace is not where it appears to be!
Incredible! And incredibly EASY!
If you always wanted to do the Three Card Monte, here is the set for you!
The instructions even include the PATTER (what to say)!

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