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*CLOSEOUT* Silver Change Bag
Flashy silver color Change Bag!

*CLOSEOUT* Silver Change Bag


Produce items from an empty silver bag!

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It is on CLOSEOUT because this is the last of our remaining stock and we can't get more at this time.

Every magician needs a good change bag- and this one is REALLY FLASHY!
Easy ONE HAND operation too!

The Change Bag is a classic utility prop for making items disappear- or appear!
It's VERY easy!

The basic Change Bag effect: place an item in the bag.
Instantly turn the bag inside out to show that the item has vanished!
The item can also be made to reappear if desired.
And you can use your Change Bag to exchange one item for another.

This bag is quality made by Bazar deMagia, with eyecatching silver nylon bag and chrome color plastic handle.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Silver Change Bag
  • printed instructions


Bag is about 10" deep with a 5.5" opening at the top.
Length with handle is about 13.5" long.
Handle is chrome color plastic.
Bag is shimmery silver nylon fabric.

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