DISCONTINUED Silk- Zebra Stripe 9-Inch
Soft 9 inch silk- black and white stripes!

DISCONTINUED Silk- Zebra Stripe 9-Inch


Soft 9 inch silk- black and white stripes!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Demo Video

Black and white all over!


A very useful 9-inch size sriped silk that can be used in so many routines!
This is a 9" BLACK and WHITE striped silk.
Because this silk is sheer, it looks more like black and light gray stripes.

Smooth silk and a compact size make this a perfect production item or a silk to switch with other silks!

Here is an idea: put a black silk and a white silk into a Change Bag.
Reach into the Change Bag (or let your spectator do it)- and the black and white silks have turned into a STRIPED silk!Your audience will love it!

Magically produce this silk out of a piece of equipment like the Change Bag or the Square Circle.
Made of 100% silk for incredible compressibility, this square can be hidden in a very small space, making its production seemingly impossible!

These silks measure approximately 9" on a side.
Click the WHAT YOU GET box above for more details.
Rolled finished edges. Made of 100% silk.
This silk is sheer- you can see through it.
You are purchasing the silk only- no instructions or routines.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • one 9" Zebra Stripe silk
  • NO instructions

Supply your own routine.
Made of silk.
Measures approximately 9" on each side.
This silk is sheer- you can see through it.

A note about silks measurements:
Magicians refer to the different silks as 6", 9", 12", 18" and 36" silks.
However, the inch size in the title is a REFERENCE.
It is generally understood that the measurement is APPROXIMATE, not exact.
The best silks today are made in China- of high quality Chinese silk.
The Chinese manufacturers do not measure in inches, so what is supplied to us as a 9" Silk may not be exactly 9 inches.
The number in the title shows the relative size of the silk- about how big it is in relation to other silks.
Rarely does a magician require a silk to be an exact measurement.
(If you do need an EXACT size, you would have to find someone to custom make it for you.)
Instead, the 6", 9", 12", 18" and 36" in the title helps magicians to specify x-small, small, medium, large and extra large silk sizes.
Please expect this silk to be ABOUT 9" on a side, but it could be as much as a half inch smaller, depending on the manufacturer and the current stock that was shipped to us.

Tips & Ideas

Learn How To Load Your Silks

When you produce your silks, you want them to "pop" up out of the production box or change bag like a Kleenex, so you can grab the next one easily, quickly and smoothly.
Here is a FREE lesson to teach you Monticup's personal technique for correctly loading your silks so that it works every time!

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