Signed cards switch places!



Signed cards switch places! This is really startling!
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Ages 13 and up   Level 2

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Comes with our ONLINE instruction video!
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Peter Monticup created an EXCLUSIVE online video for our customers who purchase this trick!
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Signed card effect that doesn't wreck your deck!


Signed Card routines are always popular!
And this is one of the most surprising and stunning signed card effects we've ever seen!

Spread the deck and let your spectator freely choose any card.
Place a sticky note on the face of that card.
Let your spectator sign the sticky note.
In full view of your spectator, lay the card face down in front of him.
Now YOU put a sticky note on the face of another card, and sign it.
Lay your card face down in front of you.

And now for the STARTLING conclusion!
Let your spectator turn over the card that has been sitting in front of him.
He expects it to be his signed card, of course.
But it is YOUR signed card!
And when he turns over the card sitting in front of you-
it is HIS signed card!

We can't say enough about the big reaction you'll get with this card effect!

And it is easy to learn, thanks to our exclusive ONLINE INSTRUCTION video!
Let Monticup visually teach you exactly how this is done!

Best of all, this astounding effect can be done without ruining your deck!
Signed card effects require that the card be SIGNED, which destroys that card for future use.
With the Sign Post routine, your valuable deck remains intact for your next performance.

And when you use up the sticky notes that come with this trick, you can buy replacements at any office supplies store.
The sticky notes are just regular sticky notes- they are not gimmicked.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Sign Post Bicycle deck
  • pad of small sticky notes
  • ONLINE INSTRUCTION: Peter Monticup's video instruction for this effect (no printed instructions)

And that's all you need!

Cards are Poker size with Bicycle back.
Backs may be either RED Bicycle or BLUE bicycle.

When the sticky notes are used up, you can get replacement pads at any office supplies store.

How to watch the ONLINE video instructions:
After purchasing this trick, you will receive the password for the video.
The password will be EMAILED to you with your Order Confirmation.
Once you have received the password, click on the WATCH icon located right under the demo video above.
The ONLINE video page will appear.
Put your password in the password box, and enjoy the video!

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